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By May 6, 2014Advocacy, students

I was darn lucky. I stumbled upon music therapy as a potential career when I was still in high school.

This provided a significant advantage. I knew what I wanted, I dove right in, and I saved a lot of time.

And now I’m on a mission. I want to do anything and everything I can to get high schoolers interested in music therapy as a career choice.

I’ve talked with too many middle-aged and later-life musicians who have said, “If I had known about music therapy earlier, I definitely would have gone down that path”. It’s never too late, but it does get more difficult.

All that being said, I’ve created a new resource that I hope gets shared with hundreds – no thousands – of high schoolers. They need to know about this exciting career option.

I remember believing for a short while that my only career choices were music teacher or performer. Neither of these quite matched my personality and my goals. Like I said, I was lucky to discover music therapy.

So, click on the image for the resource, and be sure to watch the video through to the end to catch the blooper reel. If you know any high school students who might be interested in music therapy as a career, please send this on to them.

What is MT PLAY 2

I also want to know – how did you find out about music therapy? How old were you, and how did you get into the field?

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