How to Prepare for a Music Therapy Degree

By June 13, 2014students

In this video, I answer a question from a mom named Shelly. She wondered what her trumpet-playing son could do while still in high school to prepare for entering a music therapy degree program.

I provided four tips about how to prepare for a music therapy degree program.

One of those tips is to review basic music theory. Here is the exact book I used to review and test out of an introductory music theory course, saving time and money:

Harmony and Theory: A Comprehensive Source for All Musicians (Essential Concepts (Musicians Institute).)

For the rest of the tips, watch the video!

Already a music therapist? What things did you do to prepare before entering your music therapy program? Or, what do you wish you had done? Let us know in the comments!

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  • JoAnn Jordan says:

    Four great tips, Matt. I would add volunteer in various settings – nursing homes, in children’s programs in your place of worship, or a mentoring program in your school. The more people you observe and experience will likely increase your comfort during practicums.

    • Matt Logan says:

      Great point, JoAnn. It’s so beneficial to observe music therapists in action, if possible. And if that isn’t possible, just being in those environments prepares one for they types of environments and people they will experience in their training and professional work. Thanks!

  • Chris Millett says:

    Awesome video, Matt! I’m a young music therapist, but I also was a student orientation officer at my undergraduate university. This was the kind of information that the incoming music students really want to know!

    • Matt Logan says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Chris! Feel free to share this video with any incoming students. Are there any other questions incoming students often ask?

      • Chris Millett says:

        Mostly, they just wanted to know general college things as well – especially what to expect being a music student (ensembles, private lessons, theory, etc). That was at the undergraduate level though! I think those conversations are a lot different with potential equivalency students.

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