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By February 9, 2018Friday Five
It’s Friday and it’s time to give you 5 resources or cool things you can explore over the weekend or next week. Don’t forget to check out past editions on the website, and please forward this to someone you think would like to subscribe. Enjoy!
Guitar Club: New Look, Same Value
Guitar skills are one of the commonest areas music therapists say they want to improve. They also say TIME is the biggest barrier. In the MTS Guitar Club, almost all lessons are under 10 minutes, and I even try to keep them under 5 if possible. I revamped the look last weekend and added a couple new lessons (Despacito, anyone?). You can have fun, improve your skills, and feel more confident without spending a bunch of money or time. Give it a try or let me know if you have questions! Simply reply to this email.
What I’m Listening To
Suzanne by Bermuda Triangle. I’ve pronounced my admiration for the band Alabama Shakes in previous emails, and this band features lead singer/guitarist Brittany Howard alongside Jesse Lafser and Becca Mancari in a newish side project.
What I’m Reading
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. This is a book worth visiting multiple times. In the process of a cross-country motorcycle journey, the narrator deeply explores values, quality, and truth. Though he focuses on quality in writing, I enjoy looking at music and therapy through the lenses he discusses.
What I’m Watching
More than a decade later, this is still one of my favorite TED talks. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how schools may be killing creativity. For a deeper exploration, check out his book Out of Our Minds. “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with something original.”
What are you going to do this weekend to, as my friend and fellow music therapist Ian Wilkerson has put it, “feed the muse”? In other words, how are you going to nurture your creative side? Maybe it’s playing on your primary instrument. Maybe it’s crafting, painting, or writing a song. Whatever it is you feel called to do but don’t have time, make some space for it. It’s actually critical that you do.
That’s the Friday 5! Got feedback? Questions? Ideas for future editions? Simply reply to this email.
Here is when/where I’ll be feeding the muse in upcoming weeks:
Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs (my rock band) playing in the LA/San Diego area:
2/16 La Puente, CA
2/17 Escondido, CA
2/18 Canoga Park, CA
Visit website for more details or reply to this email.
Kate Targan Duo:
2/21 Off the Grid, El Cerrito, CA
2/24 Off the Grid, Alameda, CA
Have a great weekend!
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  • Rachel Rilinger says:

    Thanks for the post Matt!
    I saw you mentioned that the guitar club may be learning Despacito? I just wanted to know if this is a song you have been able to use clinically? I work with adolescents and children and they requested that song boat loads over the summer, and I never used it with them because both myself and co-music therapist felt it was not appropriate. But obviously this is a song that is very important to the kids and I wondered if you had any experience with using it or with re-working it to make it a bit more appropriate?
    Keep in mind this may be appropriate in other settings, mine is a bit challenging because most of the kids I work with have a history of trauma and abuse. thanks for any input!

    Sorry I cannot come see your band! I will be back in LA in May, maybe you’ll be playing then 😉

    • Matt Logan says:

      Right?! It’s a tricky one, and I actually comment on that in the video in Guitar Club. I will often take the parents’ lead – I’ve run into quite a few families that are really into the song. Sometimes I’ll just sing the chorus (or part of it) and then play the chord progression for improvisation. Definitely takes some clinical judgement, huh?

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