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By December 22, 2017Friday Five

Happy Friday and happy celebrating to everyone enjoying festivities this time of year! I feel especially  lucky to have this email that gets read by so many people and to hear back from many of you. 

The theme for this week’s Friday 5 is: things to get us through the holidays. Enjoy! 

Amazon Prime. Free 2-day shipping, which is extremely helpful since I’m a last-minute shopper. Side note: I don’t watch much TV, but when I do it’s usually some low-budget show about ancient civilizations or space on Prime Video 🙂 

A Dave Brubeck Christmas

Holiday Treat
One of my favorite Christmas treats is Pepper Nut cookies. These tiny cookies are sweet, spicy, and crunchy. I never thought I’d send a recipe in this email, but these cookies are on my mind and the thought of them has me missing home. I’m sure this recipe won’t be as good as my grandmother’s, but it’s worth a shot! 

Cold Gigs!
The majority of people who subscribe to this email are musicians – what’s the coldest holiday show you’ve played? This is me trying to look festive and stay warm last night in San Francisco, but it’s definitely not the coldest show I’ve played outside! 

Share Your Gift
Piggy-backing on the last one, don’t forget what a gift you have during the holidays. Though I know those holiday songs can get kind of tired, you never know how much hearing them can mean to someone. 

Upcoming Performances

Kate Targan Duo – Sunday, Dec 24, 8pm
Christmas in the Park, San Jose, CA

Have a great weekend! Happy holidays! 


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