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By September 29, 2017Friday Five
Happy Friday!
Here are 5 tips/tools/resources to kick off your weekend. Remember that you can always time travel and catch up on past editions at Music Therapy Source 😃 Have a friend that would enjoy these emails? Forward this on and tell them to sign up on the website! And your 5 starts….now!
A good reminder about what to focus on from a pioneer in management…
Music for the Weekend
Tenariwen. Tasty Saharan Tuareg music with groove-driven guitar riffs and a trancy rhythm section. Their story is fascinating, peppered with tragedy and unexpected success.
Interesting Read
Sidenote – usually when I say I’m reading a book, I’m listening it on Audible during my bear of a commute.
Interesting Read Part II
The Power of Music: A Jungian Aesthetic. An article in Music Therapy Perspectives by Anne T. Marshman (2003). (sorry no link – you need to login at AMTA to view)
Guitar Tip
One thing that became clear when reading through survey responses is that everyone is strapped for time. And I totally get that. When it comes to improving guitar skills, there is often a huge gap between where we are and where we want to be. Don’t focus on the other side of the gap. Instead, what is one little thing you can do next week to take a step in the right direction? Really think about it – what is the smallest (and least time-consuming) skill you can develop? Baby steps add up and momentum is powerful. Everyone wants to be amazing next week, but that’s just not how it works. Play the long game and save yourself the negative self-talk. And believe it or not, it actually pays off faster. If guitar skills are something you’re working to improve, reply to this email and tell me what small skill you’re going to work on next week!
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