Friday 5: Conference and feelin’ good

By March 2, 2017Friday Five

Happy March!

You know what spring means – regional conferences and renewed enthusiasm. We’ve got lots of good learning coming up for ourselves and hopefully that includes you too! Take a look and dive in.

Feelin’ Good
Kick off women’s history month with a bit of Nina Simone

Conference Institute
Instant Guitar Confidence (p. 10)
Going to the WR/WR Joint Conference in Colorado? Our very own Matt Logan is going to be sharing how to play like a pro in several styles. Pop in and say hi!

Music Therapy Research Blog
Get your research fix here – an archive of great podcast episodes, book suggestions, and more.

Hip Hop and Music Therapy
If you’re a current music therapist and work with teens, this Facebook group is a great place to start. (A heads up that it’s a closed group so you’ll have to ask to be added.)

Self Care Tip
“Before you go to sleep, ask yourself, ‘What can I put down? What am I ready to be done with? What don’t I need to carry with me for another day?’ Put it down, and don’t pick it up again the next day.” – Trauma Stewardship by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky & Connie Burke


Discovered a new resource that you love? Or a new song? Share it with the community below.

Enjoy your weekend!
-Hannah and Matt


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