Friday 5! On trains, music, and dreams

By January 27, 2017Friday Five

Happy Friday!

This edition of Friday 5 includes the music and tools we’ve been thankful for this week. Take a look and take a listen 🙂

Stop This Train by John Mayer
Try it with a lyric discussion. It’s also a really fun song to play!

Sounding Board
A great free app that works as an AAC device (or “talker”) for clients who are nonverbal or benefit from the use of visual choices.

Keep your musicality when transposing in your head isn’t an option. We like the quick-change capo and “store” it on the headstock of the guitar for easy use.

You and Me Makes… We by Elizabeth Schwartz

“I not only use all the dreams that I have, but all that I can borrow.”
– Woodrow Wilson


As always, we aim to provide resources that you can use (and want to use!). If you have a resource or song you go to time and time again, let us know and share!

Have a great weekend!
-Matt and Hannah


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