Five Things I’m Going to Do at Conference 2011

By November 17, 2011Conference

Conference is a complete whirlwind! I’ve learned that you can’t go in without a plan. So this year, I’ve made a top 5 list of the things I’m going to do. You should do the same!

1. Present I am honored to be part of a panel on social media and advocacy with a group of MT blogging rock stars. It’s called “How Social Media Creates New Music Therapy Advocates”. It was organized by Kimberly Sena Moore, and will also feature Meryl Brown, Michelle Erfurt, Kat Fulton, Bill Matney, Roia Rafieyan, Rachel Rambach, Sarah Sendlbeck, and Michelle Strutzel. It’s on Friday from 2:00-3:30 – hope to see you there!

2. Network Conference is not the time to be shy. While I want to talk with as many people as possible, I have a list of MT’s that I want to chat with. If you see someone you’ve always wanted to talk to, I strongly encourage you to just go on up an introduce yourself. You might not get another chance until next year. Here’s another tip: after the introduction is complete, follow up with an email or letter in a few days.

3. Jam I’ve been to many a conference, yet I have never participated in any of the jam sessions. It’s hard to beat spontaneous, co-creativity. This year, it’s on my list. #facemeltingguitarsolos???? 🙂

4. Sleep Each year, I leave conference feeling as though I’ve been slugged with a djembe. This year, I aim to get more sleep. But I also acknowledge that this is unlikely. After all, did you see what time the jam sessions start??

5. Implement The awesome thing about conference is that you get so many good ideas! The bad thing is that you have so many ideas! I’m setting a realistic goal for myself this year. I want to learn 2 or 3 techniques that relate directly to the clients I am working with right now, and implement them when I get back home.

That’s it! A simple little list. Look for me out and about and say hello!




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  • […] I was fortunate enough to get to talk with some real music therapy rock stars this year. Being a part of the panel facilitated by Kimberly Sena Moore was most definitely a highlight. It was so interesting to hear how people use social media to advocate for the field of music therapy, as well as to promote their own companies and personal brands. For a picture of the panelists, check out the link to Kimberly’s site. Links to the other stellar panelists can be found in my earlier post, Five Things I’m Going to Do at Conference 2011. […]

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