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Barre Chord Companion Cover 3 cc

Problems with barre chords are almost never a strength issue; rather, they stem from problems with technique. This 2nd version of the Barre Chord Companion goes through the 7 technique secrets for playing a crystal clear barre chord. The step-by-step exercises and included videos will get you there quickly.

School Guide Cover

Simplify your music therapy school search and find all the pertinent information you need right here in the Music Therapy Source School Guide. In it, you’ll find tuition information, faculty lists, web links, and more. This is a HUGE time saver!

carousel coaching

When we desire change or improvement, sometimes what we need is a little bit of coaching and accountability. I’ve been coaching guitar for years, specifically teaching skills to music therapists that apply directly to clinical practice. If you’re ready to work through some guitar issues and enhance the musicality of your clinical work, check out the coaching page.

how to switch between chords faster

This is a series of lessons that will help make open chord transitions faster and more efficient. Now includes a songbook for practice! Check out How to Switch Between Chords Faster.