Clinical Guitar Coaching

Skills to take directly into your clinical music therapy work.

In my conversations with music therapists, educators, and students, it's become quite clear that many don't feel as confident on guitar as they would like.

Have you ever:

...wished you new more chords so you could make a song more interesting?

...felt silly arpeggiating really basic chords for minutes on end?

...been intimidated by barre chords?

...had a client who could play better than you?

If so, don't worry. I know these feelings are unpleasant, but it's not your fault. Sometimes music therapy professionals and students don't have access to high quality guitar instruction. Some music therapy programs may not have the best support when it comes to learning these clinical guitar skills. There are a number of reasons why you may not have had the best guitar-learning experience.

But now, with technological advancements and professionals who know and understand these problems, there are more avenues for learning.

I would love to be your guitar coach. Please contact me HERE for prices and information.

What will help YOU feel more confident in sessions?

  • Play barre chords with ease
  • Increase your chord repertoire
  • Spice up songs and sound like a pro
  • Play new styles and keep up with trends
  • Write and implement beautiful chord progressions for relaxation
  • Be confident with guitar theory
  • Transition between chords smoothly
  • Play chords and melody at the same time
  • Memorize songs easier to focus more on interactions
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