Music Therapists’ Friend

Musician’s Friend is one of the largest, best-known online instrument retailers. I’ve been getting catalogs from them since I was 13, and I can remember how many hours I spent drooling over color pictures of their guitars, amps, drum sets, and so forth and so on. I STILL get their catalogs and buy  gear from them. So, as you might imagine, I got a bit excited when one of the writers for their blog, The Hub, emailed me to ask some questions about music therapy. April wrote a beautiful blog post that highlighted the goings-on of several impressive music therapists, and I got a little spot among them. It’s a great article, and it’s fantastic that a company as big as Musician’s Friend is interested and promoting music therapy. Check out the article and share with friends! And hop on over to the Musician’s Friend Facebook page and thank them for publishing this article!

The Hub


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