Music Therapist Ian Wilkerson of Bay Area Music Therapy providing an individual session.

Amber’s Music Therapy Session with Adaptive Communication Device, Music Therapist Ian Wilkerson of Bay Area Music Therapy

Music Therapy and Teen Parents with music therapist from Resounding Joy Inc.

MT-BC Kirsten Nelson of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics working with hospitalized children. Read the full article here.

Music Therapy Overview at the Nebraska Medical Center. Read more here.

News Story highlighting music therapy with multi-organ transplant patients.

Oncology Patient Rap/Emotional expression

Dialysis Patient learning Ukulele, Ukulele Kids Club Donation

Multi-Organ transplant patient–addressing expressive language skills/Normalization of hospital environment

Multi-Organ Transplant–Decrease anxiety, promote positive coping and mood/Collaboration with Child Life who made the instruments with patient

Bone Marrow Transplant–Promote activity as tolerated/Promote positive coping and normalization