Where do I find a board certified Music Therapist?

To find a board certified music therapist in your area, start by going to the Certification Board for Music Therapy website.  Contact them to obtain a list of board certified therapists in your area or to verify the credentials of someone who is providing or may be providing services to you.

What does board certification entail?

A board certified music therapist carries the credentials, MT-BC.  To obtain these credentials, a music therapist must first complete an approved degree program.  Secondly, he or she must complete 1200 hours of supervised clinical experience.  And finally, he or she must pass a board certification exam, proving that he or she is competent in all facets of music therapy, including assessment, implementation, musicianship, professionalism, and ethics.  In order to remain board certified, a music therapist must obtain Continuing Music Therapy Education credits, which are collected by attending approved seminars, conducting research, etc.  Certification is reviewed every five years.

Why is board certification important?

To ensure that you receive the highest quality of music therapy services, make sure to watch for the MT-BC credential.  This means that the music therapist is competent in the various aspects of music therapy, and that he or she is continuing to learn about the field.