What is Music Therapy Source all about?

I’m Matt Logan, the founder of Music Therapy Source. Have you recently stumbled upon music therapy as a potential career? I bet you’re wondering:

  • “How do I become a music therapist?”
  • “What do I need to know before choosing and starting a music therapy program?”
  • “Can I really be a musician, help people, and get paid for it?”
  • “Are there actually jobs in music therapy?”
  • “What is life like as a music therapist?”

…great! I once had those same questions.

Maybe you’ve already gone through the training, the internship, the test…maybe you’ve been a practicing music therapist for years now…that’s also great. At Music Therapy Source, I share information that will help you:

  • Feel more confident on the guitar
  • Use music technology effectively within a therapeutic relationship
  • Develop exciting and effective interventions for the populations you serve
  • Carefully consider issues within the field of music therapy

Music Therapy Source helps future therapists discover their path

Everyone remembers the moment they first learned of music therapy as a career option. I remember stumbling across a music therapy program, and chills went down my spine. I knew that was what I was meant to do. Some students discover the field while they are already enrolled in a different degree program, and begin to consider switching.

There are also a number of folks who have degrees in other fields, who perhaps even worked for many years in a different profession, before ever discovering music therapy.

Is music therapy right for you? What will your path be?

Music Therapy Source helps professionals feel more confident

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. There are skill areas we would like to improve. There are situations that leave us feeling a little out of sorts. On Music Therapy Source, I share my experiences and insights.

Many music therapists and students have sheepishly approached me, saying, “Matt, I really need to brush up on some guitar skills”. If this is you, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! And importantly, it’s not your fault! You’ve spent years learning how to play (and maybe even teach) other instruments or voice, but…

Surveys demonstrate that in your training, you received or will receive only one to three semesters of guitar instruction. That’s it. All while taking other classes and practicing your primary instruments.

Time is always an issue. Trust me, I get it! As a student, you have a billion other things to do. As a professional, you have a billion other things to do. That’s why I use proven methods to teach guitar in bite-sized bits in the Music Therapy Source Guitar Club.

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Whether I'm writing about interview questions or guitar tips, I strive to provide you with the information you need to be a successful student and professional.

If you're wondering… I graduated from The University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Arts, both in Music Therapy. I currently work as a music therapist at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco, CA.

Other projects include… A Perfect Lullaby, a website focused on teaching mothers how to use lullabies effectively with their newborns to help regulate stress behaviors and foster infant-caregiver attachment.

Music Therapy Source Guitar Club is a place where music therapists and students can find dozens of bite-sized guitar tutorial videos, made by yours truly.

I am a cohost on the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, where I talk about all things music therapy with Kimberly Sena Moore, Michelle Erfurt, and Rachel Rambach.

Musician's Friend recently wrote a blog post about music therapy, and I was one of several therapists they interviewed. Check out the article here!

Interested in early childhood music therapy? Check out my podcasts at Imagine Early Childhood Music Therapy magazine.

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About Matt Logan

Music Therapy Source was founded by Matt Logan, MA, MT-BC. Matt is an expert in helping future music therapists discover their path and in teaching guitar lessons to students and professionals.

Matt has a variety of clinical experiences, from premature infants to hospice. He has seen first-hand how important music skills are in the clinical setting, and has worked with many music therapists and music therapy students to improve their guitar skills.

As a graduate student, he taught guitar skills, songwriting, and song leading to undergraduate and graduate students. Specifically, he focused on brain-based learning, and emphasized the music therapy applications of the skills being taught.

As you might imagine, music is Matt's passion. In addition to being a music therapist, he has been a professional guitarist for over ten years, playing in concert venues all around the Midwestern United States.

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