Happy Friday! 

Here is your Friday 5 from Music Therapy Source. 

Classic Album
Allan Brothers Band – Live at Fillmore East (Spotify link)
I’ve been working on slide guitar with a client and this album is an excellent source of inspiration. Top-notch guitar work on this live recording. 

Product I’m Using
A slide can be especially helpful for adaptive guitar. Or a cool new palette of sonic possibilities in your guitar toolbox. First things first, you’ll need a slide. Here is at least a place to start (I like glass, personally). And if you really want to get into the weeds, check out this article from Gibson. 

Lullaby Special!
To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the digital release of A Perfect Lullaby, I have a special offer to get the entire digital album for $7. This is a research-based lullaby CD with simple enough accompaniment that it actually supports sleep (imagine that!) and also encourages a caregiver to sing along. It makes for a great gift! 

It’s hard to keep track of all the music genres in the world. But you can get a taste of each one. Slovenian rock. Austropop. Crust punk. Deep darkspy. Intelligent dance music. That’s seriously a tiny fraction of the genres represented on this huge Genre Map. Stay hip to what the kids are talking about. 

Quotes I’m Pondering
These, from Johnny Cash. It’s a slideshow, so be sure to look for the little gray arrows to get to the actual quotes. 

Enjoy your weekend! And if you feel like supporting the Friday 5, consider helping with some of the costs for only $5/month

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