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By February 16, 2018Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! 

As I write this I’m preparing to “feed the muse” by going on a weekend tour with my band. So it has been a busy week! Please invite your friends to subscribe to this email, and check out past editions at Music Therapy Source. 

Here is your Friday 5 for this week: 

Virtual Job Shadow
I don’t know about you, but I can’t accommodate many of the job shadow requests I get for a variety of reasons. Other music therapists have shared the same issue. That’s why Hannah and I put together the Virtual Job Shadow project a couple years ago. Feel free to share this resource! 

What I’m Listening To
Judah and the Lion – Take It All Back
What interests me about this band is the tasteful fusion of old-school string instruments (banjo, mandolin) and newer sounds (drum machine, or at least electronic drums). 

What I’m Watching
Breakthroughs with Music Therapy – Sound Health: Music and the Mind featuring Dr. Sheri Robb and Ben Folds. 

Guitar Lesson
Check out this lesson from about 2 years ago. I’ll teach you how to play Under the Sea from Little Mermaid, cool opening melody and all. 

Article to Read
Ok, who has been watching the olympics? Notice anything different about the ice skating music? They can have songs with words now. Here are the unofficial gold medals for musical selections from a Sports Illustrated writer. 

That’s it! Don’t forget to show some post-Valentine’s Day love to keep Music Therapy Source up and running. 

You all are great! Have an excellent weekend! 



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