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By January 19, 2018Friday Five

Happy Friday! 

As I send this email, I’m preparing to host a day-long NICU Music Therapy Lecture with my colleagues at UCSF. I’m excited that I’ll get to see some of you! 

We are already planning for our next training. I have some ideas, but what trainings would you like to attend? What would make you travel to San Francisco to learn and hang out with us? Let me know by replying to this email. 

Have a great weekend. Here is your Friday 5. Do you want the Friday 5 sent to your email inbox? Sign up here!

Product I’m Using
The Tile App These devices use Bluetooth and a network of other Tile users to help you find lost items. I stuck one inside the electronics of my Gibson SG (ain’t she a beaut?) and another deep inside my Fender amplifier, in case they get lost or stolen. But you can use these to keep track of keys, phones, laptops, other instruments… 

Songwriting Tip
Stuck on some of your lyrics? Find a central lyric, line, or idea and repeat it a few times. 

Popular on the Socials
Did you see this video on Facebook? A natural music therapist? 

Beard Care…
Have a beard? Know a guy who has a beard? I might be late to the party, but I’m really digging this Mountaineer Beard Oil. It’s good for the hair, good for the skin, and there’s just something manly about smelling like lumber. 

What I’m Pondering
from the Tao Te Ching:
He who stands on tiptoe 
doesn’t stand firm. 
He who rushes ahead 
doesn’t go far. 
He who tries to shine 
dims his own light. 
He who defines himself 
can’t know who he really is. 
He who has power over others 
can’t empower himself. 
He who clings to his work 
will create nothing that endures. 

If you want to accord with the Tao, 
just do your job, then let go. 

That’s it for this week. Take care. 


I’ve been overwhelmed with joy and appreciation by those of you who have given support. Thank you! This is a labor of love, but there are many costs.
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