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By December 8, 2017Friday Five

Hello and happy Friday 😃 Here is your Friday 5! Don’t forget to check out past 5’s on the Music Therapy Source website.

“But we must not forget that only a very few people are artists in life; that the art of life is the most distinguished and rarest of all the arts. Who ever succeeded in draining the whole cup with grace? So for many people all too much unlived life remains over – sometimes potentialities which they could never have lived with the best of wills; and so they approach the threshold of old age with unsatisfied claims which inevitably turn their glances backward.” Carl Jung in Modern Man In Search of a Soul.

Service I’ve used this to contract out small design jobs and such, but there are many freelancers of many trades offering affordable services.

Learning Opportunity
I’ve sent out a few emails about this, but I want to remind you to come out to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco to learn from leading researchers and clinicians about music therapy in the NICU. We have a good number registered and it’s going to be a great networking opportunity as well! Learn more HERE.

Holiday Song Tips
Tired of playing the same holiday songs year after year? Try playing them in a new style, like this version of Silver Bells I recorded with my friend, An-Nhien.

Last night I went to a bluegrass musical called Bright Star at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. It was written by Steve Martin (yes, the comedian and banjo player) and Edie Brickell. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not big into musicals. However, this one did NOT disappoint. So if you have a chance to see it or look up the songs on Spotify, I highly recommend.

Wishing you all happiness and health, 



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