Friday 5

By November 10, 2017Friday Five
Hi Team! Happy Friday 😃 Wishing you all the best as you head into the weekend. Here is your Friday 5!
Life Hack
Write things down, especially your goals. This has been invaluable to me.
What I’m Listening To
Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys
I chose this song because I had an EPIC day on Tuesday. Alicia visited our hospital and I got to lead patients and families in singing this song to Alicia Keys herself, and of course she helped. I’m still geeking out a bit. She is an incredibly warm and lovely human being and it was such a treat to make music with her.
Power Posing
In previous Friday 5’s I’ve sent links to Amy Cuddy’s TED Talks and her book, Presence. Here is some more research on the benefits of Power Posing.
Need some help with music therapy-specific guitar techniques but short on time? I know that everyone is busy, which is why I try to keep all of my lessons under 10 minutes. Many are under 5. My Guitar Club is an investment but it’s less expensive than private guitar lessons. Reply to this email if you have questions! My next lessons, probably unsurprisingly, will be Alicia Keys songs.
TV Show I’m Watching
I’m literally watching Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown as I type this. I’m a bit too busy right now to do all the traveling I want to do, so this is how I’m satisfying my wanderlust. I especially love listening to the music and environmental soundscapes of different cultures. You can find it on Netflix.
I’ve been overwhelmed with joy and appreciation by those of you who have pledged support. Thank you! This is a labor of love, but there are some costs. When one more person subscribes, the costs of maintaining the email list will be completely covered! Next goal is the hosting expenses 🙂
If you love these ad-free resources and have the means to help keep it going, please consider subscribing to support this powerful community. There are 3 different levels of support, which start at about the price of a pack of guitar strings ($5/month). You can now make a one-time donation to help with costs, too! And if you have already subscribed, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am sending good vibes and a virtual hug your way!

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