Friday 5 August 18, 2017

By August 18, 2017Friday Five
Hello, my friends šŸ˜ƒ Another week in the books! Well done. Here is your Friday 5!
Thank You
Firstly, I want to thank you for being kind human beings and citizens of the world. Though most of my readers are in the United States, last week’s Friday 5 was also read in Kenya, Canada, Indonesia, Spain, Egypt, Bahrain, Brazil, Thailandā€¦just to name a few. Iā€™ve long believed that music is one of the most effective bridges between people of different beliefs and backgrounds. In a world that emphasizes and all-too-often fearsĀ differences, musicians and music therapists are building connections and bringing people together. Many countries and communities are facing significant challenges and our work is as important now as it ever was. Keep on connecting people. Keep on giving and fostering love. Ā Keep leading by example. Keep on sharing music, and keep being kind.
What I’m Reading
What I’m Listening To
When My Train Pulls In by Gary Clark Jr.
World Music Resource
Music often communicates the values and stories of a culture. Lately Iā€™ve enjoyed sampling music from around the world and one of the resources that has been intriguing isĀ Get lost in lessons and examples of music from every nook and cranny of this amazingly musical planet.
I have a couple of these USB microphones by Blue and I get pretty good recordings. Perfect for podcasts, bedside sessions, and other little projects. I use it for all my guitar videos, too. What makes it so easy is that it plugs right into your computer. I’ve only used it with Macs but I assume it’s good for PC projects as well.
Have a great weekend!
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