Friday 5! Jamming to tunes, self care, and education

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Happy August!

We hope you’re enjoying these last couple weeks of summer before the schools start up again. So kick back and relax for a few – we’ve got you covered with some tunes and self-care tips this week.


Jamming by Bob Marley
Great hook for people of all ages that pairs well with active music making.

AMTA Approved Schools
Thinking about going to school? This is a simple reference showing which music therapy schools offer undergraduate and/or graduate programs.

Your Regional AMTA!
Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, New England, Southeastern, Southwestern, Western
Check out your regional AMTA for job postings, task force updates, and other more local music therapy news.

Backpack Guitar Gig Bag
If you’re a mobile music therapist, being able to have your hands free is usually a must. This case protects your guitar and is a reasonable price.

Self Care
Breathe2Relax App
Breathing! It’s something you can do anywhere and helps with focus and thought clarity. This particular app allows you to document your level of stress and has audio narration, animation, and videos.


Hope you enjoyed this week! As always, if you have additional resources you think other music therapists might want to know about, share them below. And, if you’ve been loving the Friday 5, please help us cover our costs and keep the love going here.

Have a great weekend!
-Hannah and Matt


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