Friday 5! Lullabies and the 10 Toes Down Challenge

By July 13, 2017Friday Five, Podcasts
Hello again and happy Friday!
We’ve got a variety of things for you this Friday, from a hip hop challenge to lullabies. Take a look for yourself πŸ™‚


The challenge is for people to rap over the track. (There are a TON of examples on YouTube.) If you work with teens, you may want to consider it for songwriting.

Know any new or expectant mothers? Want to beef up your lullaby repertoire? This interactive album incorporates both learning the song and karaoke-like tracks.


Interested in working with the forensic population? Check out this podcast that is partially hosted and recorded by inmates at the San Quentin State Prison.


An in-depth account of the parent of a child with autism and his discovery of a the book “The Reason I Jump”, written by a 13 year old boy with autism.

β€œLet the first impulse pass. Wait for the second.”
– Baltasar Gracian

We love making the Friday 5 and a lot of you have told us that you love reading it! Please help us cover our costs and keep the love going here.

Have a great weekend!
-Hannah and Matt


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