Friday 5! A beautiful boy, a bad joke, and 7 mistakes you can avoid

By June 21, 2017Friday Five

Happy summer, all!

The long warm days are here and we are ready to soak up the sun. Before you go off to enjoy a hopefully beautiful weekend, enjoy some new tunes, info, and laughs.


Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
Recently just discovered this song. Great for new parents!

MT Source Item
7 Mistakes Students Make When Choosing a Music Therapy School… And How To Avoid Them!
An essential (and free!) tool for future music therapists, trying to choose the right school for them.

Meditation Bell
Very affordable instrument. You can consider asking clients to try to notice the moment the sound stops as an awareness exercise.

AMTA Pro Podcast Series: Single Session MT in Acute Mental Health
For those of you who are AMTA members, make sure to check out the most recently added podcasts!

A (Bad) Joke
Q: Why did the pianist keep banging his head on the keys?
A: He was playing by ear.


We love making the Friday 5 and a lot of you have told us that you love reading it! Please help us cover our costs and keep the love going here. 

Enjoy the weekend!
-Hannah and Matt


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