Friday 5! Get wired for altruism and add some color

By June 8, 2017Friday Five

Happy Friday!

You made it to the end of the week. As promised, here is your Friday 5 to kick off your (hopefully) beautiful June weekend.

3 Things by Jason Mraz
A good starting point for talking about how different people cope. Also ripe for songwriting.

TED Talk
Wired for Altruism
Some good inspiration for good people 🙂

Color Chord My World
Feel like your playing is stuck in a rut? This short course will help you add some color to the songs you already play, and explore some progressions for relaxation.

Oontz Angle 3 (~$30)
Good sound for the price, and water resistant on top of that. Note that songs with a lot of bass can cause the speaker to travel, so you may want to have a small cloth or rubber pad to put in on just in case.

Music Therapy Supervision
For those interested in being Music Therapy Supervisors or starting their own Music Therapy Peer Supervision Group, this book is indispensable.



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Have a great weekend,
– Hannah and Matt


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