Friday 5! Hendrix and tiny scanners

By June 2, 2017Friday Five

Hi there!

June is upon us already and we are about to say hello to summer. We will continue to provide some resources for people who had questions and music therapy issues here. We get to all learn as a community. So, here’s the Friday 5:

How About You as done by Frank Sinatra
A season-appropriate tune with good potential for songwriting.

App (Digitizing Leadsheets)
Tiny scanner
Available for both Apple and PC products. Another great way to digitize lead sheets. You can also batch them for songs that are more than a page long.

Self Care (Feeling Isolated)
Consider taking up leadership positions in AMTA, whether it be a regional chapter or nationally. You’ll meet lots of other passionate music therapists, stay in the know, and also help out the profession at the same time.

Guitar Tips
You Could Play Like Hendrix
It’s true! Take a look for some extra motivation and solid tips for practicing.

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley


Hope you enjoyed this week! As always, if you have additional resources you think other music therapists might want to know about, share them below.

Have a great weekend!
-Matt and Hannah


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