Friday 5! We’re on our way to hip hop evolution

By May 19, 2017Friday Five

Hi there!

Oh my goodness, we’re halfway through May. Not sure about you, but the time has just flown by for us like a swallow in a snowstorm; blink and you’ll miss it. Strange similes aside, here is your Friday 5 🙂

We’re On Our Way by Radical Face
Nice for lyric analysis and an ending that has very singable parts. We do suggest playing it live; we don’t really suggest having clients attempt the hand clapping.

Advocacy Resource
How to Become a Music Therapist
Want to become a music therapist? Know someone who does? (Or even just tired of explaining it for the umpteenth time?) This page is a great place to start for ‘all things music therapy’, including the video below.

Documentary Series
Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix
An in-depth exploration of hip hop, with the first season covering the 1970s-1990s. I just started watching it and am learning a TON.

3-Hole Punch
Tried and true. You can use this to make storing and organizing easy for past written session plans, client lyrics/art (without personal identifying information), and sheet music.

A (Bad) Joke
Keep your cymbals jokes to yourself. We’ve heard them all a Zildjian times.


You’ve been hearing a lot from us with the Friday 5 and now we want to hear from YOU! What have you been struggling with? Instrumental skills, clinical skills, repertoire, even dealing with difficult coworkers… Let us know and we’ll tailor the Friday 5 to what you need. Just comment below 🙂

Have a great weekend!
-Hannah and Matt



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