Friday 5! Rediscover focus and the sounds around us

By April 13, 2017Friday Five

Hello music therapy nerds and friends!

It’s Friday again! Recharge this weekend with some music, information, and inspiration – this is what we used this week:

Hey You by Pink Floyd
Shared by a client this week. While it has melancholy tone, it also has themes of asking for help.

Electronic, high-quality instrument sounds with a TON of different scales you can use for client solos and songwriting. Especially great for younger clients or those who have limited mobility.

This app for getting things done came highly recommended to us . It looks like an amazing, though the initial price tag can be a bit high if you’re thinking “app” rather than “computer software”.

The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds
A reminder that the natural world can be our teacher and inspiration.

Self Care Tip
Being a part of a minority profession like music therapy can be isolating and exhausting at times. This week, try connecting with a colleague, whether that’s over lunch or over the phone. Even just a 10 minute talk with another music therapist can be a great way to feel validated and re-invigorated.


We love making the Friday 5 and a lot of you have told us that you love reading it! Please help us cover our costs and keep the love going here. (Being annoying isn’t our style, so we ask just every once in a while.)

Enjoy the weekend!

-Matt and Hannah


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