Friday 5! Laughs for April Fool’s

By March 31, 2017Friday Five

Hello and happy Friday!

We just realized that tomorrow is April Fools’s Day, so a lot of the ideas here are focused around more “comedic” sessions. (Just think – both comedy and reality orientation in one!)​​ Enjoy some laughs on us.

Yes! We Have No Bananas

Songwriting Mad Libs
Possible Goals: Maintain cognitive processing, mood elevation
For April Fools (or a comedy-focused session), have clients think of words for a fill-in-the-blank without knowing the song ahead of time. You’ll need to tell them what kinds of words to brainstorm (like an adjective or a term of endearment). One possible song to use this with is “You Are My Sunshine”.

Organize everything. You can use this to keep an inventory and it works well with Evernote.

Giant Sticky Notes
Great for group fill-in-the-blank songwriting.

A (Bad) Joke
Q: Can February March?
A: No, but April May!



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Have a great weekend!
-Hannah and Matt


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