Friday 5! New MT research, gear, and a bad joke

By February 17, 2017Friday Five

Welcome to the holiday weekend!

Per the usual, here are 5 things we were diggin’ this week:

I Got You by James Brown
The “Na na na” portion of the song is ideal to get clients to sing along. Also a classic song to work in for celebrating Black History month.

New Podcast Episode
Music Therapy Journal Club
A lot of articles from Music Therapy Perspectives covered in this episode, including one about multicultural considerations.

Analog Instrument
Slit Drum/Tongue Drum
Adds variety, intrigue, and unique ways for your clients to express themselves. We’ve used these for musical “check ins” with goals and also for sequencing goals for individuals.
Guitar Gig Bag
Put your guitar on your back an free up your hands. There’s also a pocket for lead sheets, a tablet, or other music-y accouterments.

Bad Joke
Q: What was Beethoven’s favorite fruit?
A: Ba-na-na-NAAA


Got some gear you love? Or even a bad music joke? Share it with us in the comments below!

Hannah and Matt


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