Friday 5! Get grit, barre chords, and L-O-V-E

By February 10, 2017Friday Five

Happy Friday!

The weekend is almost upon us, and so we present to you the things we (and other music therapists) have been using this week. Take a look-see:


L-O-V-E as done by Nat King Cole


Possible Goals: Increase focus of attention, increase gross motor mobility, improve speech clarity
Create 4 (or more) visuals with the different letters of LOVE on them. Hand these out to clients (or have them volunteer) and use the music as a cue for them to hold up their letter as it comes up. Depending on how large the group is, you can divide the group into 4 sections, one for each letter. Other clients can speak the letters or the word “LOVE”, depending on the verse.

Podcast Episode
Freakonomics’ “How to Get More Grit In Your Life”
A good follow up to the earlier podcast we shared on how to be more productive, this episode focuses on motivation.

The Barre Chord Companion
Want to feel more confident with your playing? This guide helps make barre chords way more doable.

Self Care Tip
Write down one intention for the next week in regards to your own practice, and apply it to each session. It could be as simple as “Be present with all clients” or “Use at least 4 different strumming patterns”.


We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of the Friday 5! Feel free to share your intention for next week in the comments, and if you want these posts in your inbox, just follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Have a great weekend!
-Hannah and Matt


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