Friday 5: Holiday parodies and song insights

By December 16, 2016Friday Five

Hello music therapy nerds and friends!

It’s Friday again! Holiday parties abound and students and professionals scramble to finish up their work before getting a well-deserved break. Recharge with some new music, information, and laughs – this is what we used this week:

Clearest Blue by CHVRCHES

Song Exploder
Get in deep to a song with this podcast. Artists talk about their lyrics, musical decisions and why they made them. Typically done with newer, lesser known music. Check out the episode for the above CHVRCHES song.

Though it has a high price tag, iPads are amazing tools with (most likely) endless possibilities.

Kanye West Video
Saw this the other day. A really great watch for people who are more music-based in their approach.

8 Christmas Song Parodies to Sing this Holiday
Though most of these may not be as applicable, they certainly are fun. (And a welcome change for those tired of Holiday songs.)


As always, we love hearing back from you what you’re using, listening to, and your own self-care. Shoot us a line in the comments below to share.


Thanks all for now, folks!

-Hannah and Matt


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