Friday 5: Embracing chaos and your to-do list

By December 9, 2016Friday Five

Happy Friday!

As usual, here are the things we’ve been reading, using, and enjoying this week with a Bonus Item from one of our weekly subscribers. Check it out 🙂


Feliz Navidad

Intervention Idea

Use the song “Feliz Navidad” to work on focus of attention, inhibition control, or motor control. During instrument play, try prompting clients stop at the end of each phrase of the song(or at the end of every A or B section). For those who need more processing time, you can use a count down, slow down right before, and/or make a large gesture.


I needed a To-Do list makeover, and this article helped. Check it out!


Keep your guitar in the dry winter with a guitar humidifier. It seriously is a good thing to have.


If you have any chaos in your life, this is a good listen. We especially liked the first story in the episode.

Bonus Song

Suggested by Joseph Linn, who uses it as a gathering/opening song. Thanks for sharing, Joe!

If you know someone who would enjoy or use some of the items above, feel free to send them the link to this page! And, if you’d like to share what songs, materials, and interventions you’ve been using, let us know by commenting below.

Have a great weekend!

-Matt and Hannah

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