Friday 5! Shake it up with tunes and happy trails

By December 2, 2016Friday Five

Happy December, music friends!

The Friday 5 is here with gear and music therapy ideas. If you like what you see and want to get these resources in your inbox every Friday, enter your email and hit “subscribe” in the grey side bar (or at the bottom of the page if you’re a mobile user). Enjoy!

Happy Trails as done by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans 
Great closing song for older adults. In the past, I’ve substituted names and different ways of saying good bye. For example: “Happy trails to _______, until we meet again. And goodbye to _____….”.

Clipboard with Storage
Phenomenal and simple product – I store extra paper, lyric sheets, writing utensils, and even guitar picks in mine.

Egg shakers
A wise music therapist once told me to buy 100 of these. They can be versatile, but they do get lost easily. Note you can buy colorful ones as well as plain black for age-appropriateness.

Tone Matrix
Click points on the matrix to make a pentatonic melody. You can also add drums.

A (Bad) Holiday Joke
What do you call a singing elf?
A Wrapper.


Do you have gear, instruments, or songs that you find yourself using again and again? Comment below to share with aspiring and professional music therapists!

Enjoy the weekend!

-Matt and Hannah


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