Friday 5

By November 25, 2016Friday Five

Happy Black Friday 5!

As always, here are the things we’ve been using and thinking about this week. Feel free to read through, take a listen, and comment if you find anything helpful!


In My Mind by Amanda Palmer.
I would recommend playing this live (with edits if needed) and doing a lyric discussion or songwriting.

Mi-T Mist Mouthpiece Sanitizer.
A client-friendly, non-toxic sanitizer. I still use this every day!

HTML5 Video Speed Control.
A Chrome (web browser) extension that lets you watch YouTube content up to 3x faster.

Make music by typing on your computer keyboard. Fun stuff!

Cultivating gratitude isn’t always easy, but luckily there are lots of tools to help you out. You can use an app like Gratitude Journal or you can write it out on paper. You can also write a thank you letter or even take a gratitude walk.


That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!


-Matt and Hannah


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