It’s Friday and I’m bringing back the Friday 5 weekly installment. It’s an email that shares 5 cool things I’m using, thinking about, listening to, etc. So here we go!
Instrument: Skoog music interface. I’ve been using this with patients who have limited mobility to work toward improving motor skills. It also provides for increased accessibility to creative expression. I love that I can adjust the sensitivity of the instrument in the software.
App: Evernote. I’m currently typing in Evernote and it helps me organize almost everything. Photos, business cards, receipts, ideas… Everything is searchable and stored in the cloud, which means you can access from multiple devices.
Book: Presence by Amy Cuddy. She gave the famous TED talk about power-posing. I highly recommend her book.
Music: All is Full of Love by Bj√∂rk. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if they played this song before sporting events instead of national anthems. There has been a lot of tragedy and a lot of hurt in recent weeks. This song gives me a sonic hug. I prefer to listen without watching the music video, but that’s just me.

App: Venmo. This app makes sending money to friends on the spot super easy. Not much to do with music therapy, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of people using it at conferences and such.
More news to come from MTS later. Be sure to check out the stories posted on the FaceBook page!

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