What are you playing for you?

By March 28, 2016Ideas

What are you playing for you?

As music therapists, we make a lot of music for other people. It’s what we signed up for and it’s immensely fulfilling.

When is the last time you made music for fun? For yourself? For your own expression and well-being?

I know that some of you do this regularly. For you it’s necessary. Maybe you play in a band, perform at open mics, or strum your favorite tunes in your office after hours. I just saw two fellow Bay Area musicians rock out at a gig Friday night and it was amazing.

I know that some of you haven’t made music for yourself in a very long time. Why? Why not?

Grab your (insert primary instrument here), close your eyes, and connect with the music. Remember what that feels like. Relish in it. Be it. Love it. Share it.


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