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By October 16, 2015Friday Five

G’day! It’s time for another Friday 5. This is where I share 5 things I’m digging on each week. Some relate to music and music therapy, and some are just straight up random (but interesting, at least in my own humble opinion…). If you would like to have these delivered conveniently to your email inbox, please click here and subscribe!

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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This is a must-read for any creative person or business owner. As many of us are one or both of those, I highly recommend checking out this book. Pressfield talks about the many kinds of resistance we experience to doing the work we proclaim to love.


As I type this, I’m enjoying the enchanting and intimate harmonies of Gemma Cohen and Miranda Mallard in the band, Dagmar. Their June release of Afterlight…well, I just keep coming back to it. They show off vulnerable lyrics, tasteful musicianship, and refreshing arrangements that evade the predictable. Check it out and consider buying their album.


You know that you can play in any key using open chord shapes by employing a capo. But sometimes it helps to know all your options for capo placement. I made this really easy with The Capo Converter. It’s a 4-page digital download that tells you capo options for playing open chords in all 12 keys. Check out the video.


My fellow California music therapist, Ian Wilkerson of Bay Area Music Therapy, introduced me to an app called ThumbJam at our last regional conference. I ended up using it quite a bit in my pediatric work because it made improvisation so accessible and had a pretty good sound palette. If you use iPad apps in your clinical work, this is definitely one to check out. Or get it for your own amusement! View in iTunes HERE.


AMTA Artist Spokesperson Robin Spielberg and AMTA president Amy Furman spoke at a Mayo Clinic Health System Arts and Wellness program earlier this month. Great to see advocacy in action!


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