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By October 9, 2015Friday Five

Hey hey!

It’s time for another Friday 5! This is where I share 5 things I’m digging on each week. Some relate to music and music therapy, and some are just straight up random (but interesting, at least in my own humble opinion). If you would like to have these delivered conveniently to your email inbox, please click here and subscribe!

Last week at this time, I was trekking up and up and up along a trail in Yosemite National Park. Some friends and I hiked a famous rock formation called Half Dome. Altogether, we climbed about 4,000 feet in altitude. It was a 15-mile, 11-hour round trip. Whoa!

Left: In front of Half Dome
Right: At the summit

Half Dome side by side


I often have book recommendations, but why listen to only me? A couple weeks ago, my colleagues from the Music Therapy Round Table recorded a silliness-infused podcast about our current reads. Listen to it on the website or better yet, subscribe on iTunes and leave a review!


Last weekend, we had the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival here in San Francisco. While I wasn’t able to attend this year, I DID revisit some of my favorite albums in that genre. One of my favorite modern bluegrass artists is Chris Thile, who bends his way through a multitude of genres while calling Bluegrass “home”. Check out this album by his group, Punch Brothers: Who’s Feeling Young Now?  (Here on Spotify)


Is it starting to get cold in your region? Feel the air getting dryer? Every year, I remind people to maintain good humidification practices for their guitars. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Check out this low-budget humidifier made from household objects. (Another throwback video from several years ago…)


Music therapist and OCMT co-chair CJ Shilo authored a recent article for the Huffington Post. Check it out! Autism and Public Performances: How Do We Do This?


Need a cool 3D graphic of a book, iPad, smartphone, etc.? You can get small images for free using It produces a cover like the one in the ad below.

MTS banner 1

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