Microphone Review and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

By April 25, 2010Product Reviews

I’m pretty impressed with Blue Yeti microphone.  It’s a USB mic, so it plugs directly into my computer. I’ll use it for recording videos and songs, but I also foresee therapeutic applications for it.  I can already think of some clients I would like to record, especially for legacy creation purposes for families receiving hospice services.  Also, check out Audacity.  This free recording software is pretty easy to use and great for multi-track recording.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone



  • Jason says:

    Whoa. Super relaxing. You play really well. You should make a relaxing CD. For real. I would buy one with songs like that, which is about a million times better than listening to river water and forest noise soundtracks. I’m going to drop you an email tomorrow.

  • Elisabeth says:

    Hey Matt! Did you write this piece? It’s beautiful! If you don’t already have a CD of classic guitar you should make one! Relaxing and beautiful. Well done.

  • Maité says:

    That’s a cool looking microphone indeed and the sound is coming out great from this part of the world. Love the melody.
    Thanks for sharing it!