Student and Intern Support Project Announcement!

By April 5, 2010Site News

So here it is – the first project for the MTS Student and Intern Support Program!  I’m very excited to see where this goes.  If you can’t watch the video, check out the transcription below.


Hello! Matt here from Music Therapy Source, and I am super-excited to be making this video!  This is the part where I announce the first project for the Music Therapy Source Student and Intern Support Program.  This month is being sponsored by The American Music Therapy Association of Students, so I first want to extend a huge thank you to them.  Here’s how it will work: in a few moments, I will announce the criteria for the first project.

If you are a student or intern in the field of music therapy, you may submit projects meeting the specified criteria.  We will collect the submissions throughout the rest of April.  In May, we will publish the submissions to the website so that the community can vote on them.  The one with the most votes will receive a $100 prize, courtesy of AMTAS.

With all that said, the first project is this:  write a 500-1000 word article about Music Therapy and Advocacy, and why it is necessary for the growth of our field.  Give us some ideas of how we can educate others about the benefits of music therapy.

Please email your article to [email protected].

If you have any questions, please ask in a comment on this post and I will reply.  Thanks a lot, and I can’t wait to see your articles!