Video Lesson – Chord Melody Accompaniment

By January 3, 2010Lessons

This introduces a style of accompaniment that incorporates the song’s melody into it. Itsy Bitsy Spider is a simple song to start with, but the concept can be applied to many songs. Follow these steps to get started. -Matt



  • […] musicality and hearing new, unexpected things within music.  For starters, try this version of Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Challenge yourself and challenge […]

  • Though, at this time, I am unable to effectively produce this tune on the guitar, it has been a true joy to produce it on the piano with your chords! Thanks, Matt!

  • Daniel Tague says:

    Thank you, Matt! This was a very informative video! My background is in vocal performance, so I love to learn form the people with good guitar chops! I don’t know how much the kids I work with will appreciate the nice sounding addition of the melody to some songs, but I will sure enjoy playing something different!

  • rachel says:

    Matt- This video is wonderful. It is really helpful and such a unique way to add to our repertoire. I am having trouble alternating string with my right hand, I hear in your video some different rhythm and pitches, is there any way to clarify what you are doing with your right hand? I love the addition of the am and em.
    I am also having trouble having enough strength in my pinky- so you have any recommendations for strengthening that pinky?
    Keep more of these coming if you can! 🙂