Music of a War Child

By December 21, 2009Inspiration

Emmanuel Jal was child soldier in Sudan, and he shares his story in this talk.  He states that music was his therapy, and this clip includes a poem reading and a performance.  As I was watching this, I thought about other refugees and former child soldiers, and how they may be great candidates for music therapy.  I speculate that many suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder.  Because of their age, I also speculate that music is very important to them, and might be an ideal path to address some of the emotional issues that are likely to be present.  I do not know exactly how one would come to work with this population, but it would be very interesting to see what could be accomplished through music therapy.  I liked this video because it got me thinking outside the box of what our “typical” populations served might be.  What type of interventions would I use with war refugees?  What kind of music is already important to them?  How might dance and movement be utilized?