Media Morsel – A nice example of medical music therapy out of St. Louis

By December 8, 2009Media Morsel

The Story

This is a great article for advocating for music therapy in the pediatric medical setting.  It clearly demonstrates the non-musical benefits of therapy, and has an excellent quote from an MD:

“Emotional and spiritual healing contributes to physical healing,” said Dr. Karen Gauvain, pediatric oncologist at Cardinal Glennon. “Music therapy is creative way for our patients to express their thoughts and feelings and allow for healing of the whole person.”

Kudos to Tracie Heuring for representing the field so well and educating the public, and kudos to for featuring the article.


One Comment

  • Kerry says:

    Tracie is a great music therapist and a terrific song writer! I know she is great at this job. The songs the kids write are amazing!