Ipod Therapy? Well, maybe sort of…

By November 18, 2009Media Morsel

The Story

Main points: Clarification and Gentle Education

One thing the profession is trying to do is clarify the role of music therapy in the various treatment populations.  Some may say, “Music is music. Who cares who is providing it?”  There may be some truth to this.  How is a music therapist providing music in a nursing home any different than a performer who comes in?  At its most basic level, there really is no difference.  Music therapists play notes, they play notes.  The difference is how MT’s use the music.  The difference is  how MT’s adjust the music to adapt to a client’s particular needs, or use musical elements to work on behavioral, cognitive, physical, and social goals.

Most of this post was inspired by comments corresponding to the linked article, and I wrote more there with the intent of educating those who may not fully understand the benefits of hiring a music therapist.  When commenting on an article such as this one, it is very important to look at the positive aspects of it and congratulate the author for writing about this topic.  We want to encourage this!  The world wants to know more about music therapy, and MT’s must be gentle when correcting the misconceptions.  In this way, MT’s can develop a positive and collaborative relationship with others who do in fact have something to offer through music.



One Comment

  • The simple (and harsh) truth is that no news is bad news… when articles misrepresenting music therapy are published it opens the door to comment and discussion that may not have been there in the first place. It’s hard to see information out there that appears to discount or wrong the profession that you have invested your time (and finances) into. It’s important to see ‘negative’ press as an opportunity to respond with non-emotional facts (just like Matt did) and not let it give you a chip on your shoulder.