Music therapy with Veterans

By November 11, 2009Media Morsel

The story

This is an interesting article about a non-profit that provides services to war veterans in the form of guitar lessons.  It doesn’t really consult a music therapist or refer to Music Therapy as an independent field, but I like the concept of providing instruments to veterans who may then learn an instrument and develop coping skills.

SO, maybe an MT-BC could offer some consult services or direction to help the organization reach its goals?  Or find some way to get involved?  Just an idea…

I searched for research investigating the use of music therapy with this population, and couldn’t find anything current.  Does anyone know of any?




  • Nicole says:

    I actually have found much research on veterans and active duty veterans. I have to look up the articles, but if you would like them let me know and I will look for them. I am actually very interested in the VA and I was a military brat at one point. I still live next to Fort Drum military base in NY and it’s a huge part of my life. Barbara Else would be a very good resource for you, but as for articles, I have quite a few so let me know if you would like the titles and authors. I am striving to work with this population one day soon 🙂

  • Ginny says:

    I think Barb Else or another MT did some work a few years ago with veterans. I am pretty sure AMTA sponsored them in some way (either with instruments or funding). You may want to contact her. She is amazing.