Advocacy in Action-A Great Example

By November 8, 2009Media Morsel

The Link:  Good work, Ms. Coviak

I found this article and wanted to make a couple comments about it.  First, what a great example of advocacy.  Kellee represented the field of music therapy at a local school’s career fair, which is a great way to get kids interested early.  Some know when they graduate high school that they want to go into music therapy.  On the other hand, I know many who did not discover the degree program until well into or even after their undergraduate coursework.  Perhaps if they had been exposed to music therapy as a career option earlier, they would have moved into the field sooner.

I would also like to thank Kellee for emphasizing the non-musical goals that music therapists work toward with their clients.  It’s great for the general public and the media to understand what we actually do.

So what now?  It’s your turn!  Ask your local high schools if they have a career fair.  See if you can speak to the band, choir, or orchestra.  Continued growth in the field depends on advocacy, and part of that is getting students into the programs.  Follow Kellee’s format – good work!